Savannah Collection
Savannah Collection
Color Match Guarantee Program

It is with great confidence that we announce our COLOR MATCH GUARANTEE program. This exciting program covers our stocked fabrics, in both the Silver State and Alaxi brands.
Color Match Guarantee is associated to only the items in our line that are supported with the logo shown above that appear on memos, showroom samples or books that come directly from Silver State Inc. This program also covers yardage purchased from Silver State or Alaxi (must be within 30 days of invoice). If it doesn’t match, we will replace the fabric (labor not included).
Most importantly, our COLOR MATCH GUARANTEE will eliminate the dreaded "cutting for approval" (CFA's). The benefits of this program are the following:
  • No more concerns with dye lots.
  • No more worries about additional yardage ordered and not matching your previous order.
  • No more delaying jobs while waiting to receive cuttings for approval. 
  • Quicker turnaround for projects.  Benefiting you and your clients.
Effective immediately we will no longer provide CFA's on fabrics in the COLOR MATCH GUARANTEE program.  Memos and reserves are still available.
This applies only to items marked with the COLOR MATCH GUARANTEE logo.